What contributed the most for the Modern world is the period of European Renaissance. After the Middle Ages, an epoch concerned mostly in theological studies and interpretations of the Holy Bible, the scientific and artistic worlds moved on more anthropocentric interests. Of course, that process has its roots in many social and economical changes but the main spur for it was the increasing fascination in classical Ancient Greek and Roman texts – the raise of the Humanism.

Humanitarian spirit permeated all the forms of intellectual activities and shift the paradigms – politics instead of theology, consciousness instead of conscience, gentleman instead of clergy. The re-discovery of ancient studies gave alternatives of the dominant Aristotelian and Ptolemaic systems. The re-birth of platonic philosophy put once again the human being as a creator at the centre of the universe and led to the conceptions of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, which could be perceived as the ancestors of modern existentialism. Hellenistic culture inspired many great artists, architects and poets to do experiment in both form and subject matter of Art and artistic activities.  In the field of technology, it is believed that there are three main inventions that raised the Renaissance Humanistic Perception over the Medieval Scholasticism – the gunpowder, Gutenberg’s printing press and the compass. They provided the necessary tools for challenging the established feudal order, dogmatic thought and inflamed the boom of geographical researches. These remarkable ages became the childhood of contemporary state and of understanding the dynamics of both the society and the natural world.  


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From philosophy, history and archaeology to music,
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